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AzeronCraft Earth is made up of six(6) Classes Ranging from melee to Ranged Attacks to Magic users.


Classes are broken up into 6 different types of players depending on what you like the most. Classes are as followed, you must join one of the classes to get your account to act properly.


The Powerful Magic user - The Mage!

Overly dramatic magic user known for spamming fireballs The Mage is known for Magic use. they are very skilled in magic and spend long days resting and reading up on spells. They can learn the most skills and are the most powerful Range Attack players on Fire & Ice.


Normal melee fighter known for hitting things with a sword

Normal melee fighter known for hitting things with a sword While a knight is always at the front lines they cannot survive without a whole squadron though they can handle a few beatings, but their damage isn't the best.


Axe loving class known for hitting things with an axe this class u don't wanna pick a fight with since their a class with a huge axe a lot of dps and knockback. The huscarls came from an island which has been lost during the war with 3 kingdoms, though the legend goes the island still exists but only a huscarl would know where.


Traitorous sneaks who backstab their foes.


Bow loving arrow spammers


a flower hugging nature loving person

We use Plugin: SkillAPI for Classes and Skills