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We run on just a few simple Rules but following them will really make your stay alot easier.[edit]


  • No cheat clients, hacks or unallowed add-ons that give you unfair advantage
  • Claim blocking is not allowed, you may not claim around or claim a place as a weapon against somebody. This will be at the decision of staff. You cannot make provocative claims around a town unless you get proof of approval from the mayor of the encircled town.
  • Advertising is not allowed, we are not that strict on this rule, you may utter the names of companies, other servers, and ads but blantantly spreading superiority causing annoyance is not allowed.
  • Griefing is allowed in the wilderness and outside of a town but it must be out of 5 chunks distance from town claims. Excessive grief such as blowing up a large unclaimed piece of land with TNT or tedious grief will result in punishment.
  • Cobble monsters are not allowed anywhere.
  • No claiming the end portals
  • No war logging


  • All Boss areas are pvp deny - This is because when fighting Bosses I dont think you wanna kill your friend
  • If by chance you get last hit and collect all drops if you have something not of your class or already have give to team mate who needs