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How it all Started[edit]

In the beginning, Only heat, water and the sky existed. The heat created the sun while the water formed the moon. But then the sun gave form of a god as glorious as itself, MasterGMcrafter. Then the moon was struck down by the light of the new God and it reflected to create another god, Granpagamer. When the sun had given form for the god it also shattered small pieces of light across the sky, The stars, And from this stars a third god came, Q.

When the gods saw the empty world they where filled with inspiration to create something new from this nothingness, And see, MasterGMcrafter took some heat from the sun while Granpagamer took water from the moon, and see, when they fused the heat with the water it turned into stone, together they created the earth. But the earth was still more or less dead only a clump of stone, water and heat, so they asked the star god Q for help, and see, he struck the earth with star lights flashes which gave energy and life to earth. The lightning shattered the stone, the stone blended with the water and gave dirt. And from this the earth where filled with life.

After this period of creation they realized that all living things in earth where plants. There where no creations like them, so They created minor gods, called Admins and they created ,with help they got from the gods, animals and humans.

But everything wasn't good and harmonic forever the gods separated their united path and the world become divided by different forces, Demons, Minor gods and other beings came and the humans without the full guidance of the gods become more and more cruel and dark minded, Wars started to take each other lands, Different religions came to divide humans more. The humans also discovered and become different classes, The mages that still remembered the gods and become closest of all humans to the celestial and they gained special gifts.

The gods where only seen watching from the celestial kingdoms of the Stars, The Moon and The Sun, The three kingdoms of light.

Tales from trails

Woken? Once upon a time the god of the Sun, MasterGMcrafter walked on the earth, disguised as an old man with a cane. He walked on the trails of the earth until he came to a village, the first human village on earth. As an old man the people and villagers felt empathy and had high moral, they asked the old man if he needed help, and he said "o yes, I need a lot of help, can you give me ten Carrots to eat?" And they did, but after he ate them he said "o thank you my child, but I'm still hungry, can you give me hundreds of carrots to eat?" And they did, and he ate them faster than before and every time he asked for more until the sixth time when he asked for a million carrots, the people had been exhausted and couldn't stand up, not even when the morning started, only a few people woke up, they became the risers of the morning while the others became the morningtired.

The Grass Eaters? Once upon a time when the god of the moon walked down to earth, Granpagamer, he saw almost no animals only cows, pigs and some creepers. He saw nothing really special and gorgeous, so he looked up to the sky, the most beautiful place at the moment and he saw Clouds! White fluffy clouds, so to remind the people of earth to look up to the sky and beg for help or to remind that they always existed and all they needed to do to get help was to ask and look up to the sky, he created an animal made out of these clouds, sheep, Some white from the cumulus and some from the dark and stormy. Later he strangled some of them and they became llamas.

Dimensions? The gods lived at their kingdoms in celestial, The moon, the sun, The stars, but that's wasn't enough, so they created their own worlds. The Sun god MasterGMcrafter created the nether which would represent his sun filled with heat and lava. The moon god Granpagamer created the End, a cosmic place outside of the celestial kingdoms of the sun, the moon and the stars, this place became the telestials where shattered pieces of death and shadows could exist. In the beginning the end was actually filled with water, purple corals and End ships sailed at the waves but sadly a comet stricked and the water fell down to the earth as rain and storms, The comet shattered and became islands of the end mixed with pieces from the moon. The god Q of stars took the isles of end as stars beyond the humans and Granpagamer took the seas at earth.

A Footprint. Once upon a time when God Q wandered the earth, he come upon an inn in the forests. The god entered because he was tired from his journey to earth. There weren't many rooms and the inn seemed very abondend so he took the largest room on the third floor. Room 14. It was very dark and very empty only a small torch, a bench, a bed in yellow and a painting/portrait of a man. Nothing special, there was also a very wierd coloured carpet with a peculiar pattern. But because he was tired he slept. In the morning the torch had extinguished, but something wasn't right, Where the painting had been where only a window.